Thursday, 23 July 2009

Portmeirion Variations Full Set

cup,saucer & 6" plate

10" plate

8" soup plate

10" & 8" plate

cups,saucers & 6" plate


complete full set

lasagne dish

Full with flower and Portmeirion leaves trademark border. Memang english habissss...
kesemua flower motifs adalah sama dengan Botanic Garden range..

This design is not available in Malaysia, Exclusively brought from UK..!

please click here to see NekPP VARIATIONS COLLECTIONS..thank you kak!!

Portmeirion Variations Dinner service and tea service...MADE IN BRITAIN
consist of:

6 x 6 cups
6 x 6 saucers
6 x 6" plates
6 x 8" plates
6 x 8" soup plates
6 x 10" plates
1 x large teapot
1 x sugar bowl
1 x milk jug
Free Gift 1 x lasagne dish

total 40 pieces dinner & tea service

We also accept easy payment, please ask for further info
Please email me at if you are interested

Thanks for looking


  1. haha hihi hohohoo..fa..lagsana dish..teapot..ada takkk??????

  2. fuyyohhhhh....nekpp x nak rembat lg ker...??????

  3. cantik semua set kat sini,good choice and taste:)kalau tengok portmeirion ni rambang mata,semua cantik..tapi burleigh so memikat..soft,tak loud yet class and elegant.hmm..insyallah one day:) saya suka jugak collection pottery gambar lemon or olive and all yellow and blue pottery.

  4. nekPP- hehe..dah dah..dah email akak dah..tungguuu..hehe

    ain-fuhyoooo gak..hehehe..

    MamaTiaMia- betul cakap u mama, I pun kekadang rambang mata tengok pinggan mangkuk ni..willow is my favourite gak Mama..burleigh ni ada few pattern lagi, semua mmg class and beautiful..tapi orang malaysia ni tak familiar sangat with burleigh..but kat UK ni mmg famous..thanks mama for looking