Monday, 29 June 2009

Roy Kirkham English Rose Teaset

Roy Kirkham English Rose Teaset for 6 pax consist of:

1 teapot/coffee pot (your choice)
6 cups & saucer
6 pcs of 8" side plate
1 milk jug
1 covered sugar bowl
Plus FREE GIFT { we will let you know the free gift once you place your order)

Place your order before 5th of July & items will arrive September

we sell much cheaper from the retail price and we also do easy payment, just email us at for more information.


  1. cantik la faaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  2. cantikkan kakk..fa ada good news for u..nanti fa habaq kat akak..hehe

  3. Salam Sis kalau i nak beli the plates jer bole ke ..n how much yer